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Ö. Balta
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Born in Turkey, worked in UK, studied in Germany. Here is a small portrait of my Curriculum Vitae.

Born in 1980 in a small village called Cokakli in Turkey. In 1991 moved to the harbour city Izmir and 1994 to a small town Cesme on the west coast of Turkey. After graduating from the high school I have decided to take a long journey to North European countries. After numerous rejections for my visa applications from Irish Embassy I`ve turned my way to Great Britain in 2001. The year 2003 called for the changes and I had left Brighton with great memories to study in Germany.

During my residence in Germany I have got the chance to improve my skills with a language course, a Bachelor Degree in Tourism management and a Master degree in Economics & Business administrations as well as with various occupational experiences.

Much more about me coming soon


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